How To Get High Quality Backlinks In 2021 - Medium (backlinks in seo in hindi)

How To Get High Quality Backlinks In 2021 - Medium

Today's post is going to be very important because in this post I will tell you what is Medium? And how to take traffic from Medium? And how to make High Quality Backlinks from Medium?

How To Get High Quality Backlinks In 2021 - Medium

The one who comes in Blogging, he thinks that his blog post should be ranked in Google, from which Traffic will come and Earning from it. Due to lack of proper information, their blog post rank is not there, due to which they leave blogging disappointed.

How is my backlink made from this Post Medium, and for friends who have no knowledge of Medium or very little information, they will get full information of this Post Medium. Before knowing what Medium is, a know what the Backlinks are, if you find them about Backlinks, then click on Read More.

What Is Medium?

Medium is the premier social blogging channel and silicon valley tech news. politically and socially charged representing one of the few Millennial social blogging networks worth following.

How to make high quality backlinks from Medium?

(1) Fast you have to register.
(2) Go To Profile
(3) Then Write a Story
(4) Next Write Title And Some Tell Your Story
(5) Your Story End Read Mora Type and Select 'Read More' Word Then see Link Icon Click And Past your Blog Post Link.
(6) Next Select Tag and Publics
In this way you can take Traffic and High Quality Backlinks from Medium. Medium is a Best Platform for Backlink.

What are the benefits of Medium Traffic?

Medium is so popular that its traffic has good AdSense CPC. And this gives Rank and Organic Traffic in Google. The Domain Authority of this website is quite high, there is a Backlink High Quality Backlink from here.

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