Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021 For WordPress and Blogger [7 Easy Step]

Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021 For WordPress and Blogger [7 Easy Step]

Hi Blogger Users! I trust all of you are fine. Today In This Article I will talk about Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021 that you ought to follow to get Quick AdSense Approval on your site.

Best Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021

You can't bring in cash from Google AdSense in the event that you don't have a site. On the off chance that you have a Website, at that point follow the underneath ventures for Google AdSense Approval. In the event that you are another blogger and needs to realize how to get Google AdSense Approval at that point read this full article.

Google AdSense Basic Information:

Google AdSense Basic Information's Very Important For Beginners Plisses Fallow.

What Is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is Popular Advertising Platform.

Google AdSense Ads Earning Details:

Google AdSense Basically pays for a click and CPC (Cost Per Click). Example Your site is getting 100 views a day and 10 people click on ads, then CTR (Click Through Rate) would be 10% And CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), Google AdSense CPC depends on advisers ads.

Google AdSense Ad Setting 2Type Automatic And Manually.

Google AdSense Ads Serve and Show Simple Words Related, Content, Image, niche, Etc.

Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021, then read below. Steps By Step Your site got approved within 10 days 99% Chances.

How To Create A Successful Blog For Beginners

Google AdSense Approval Important Point:

1: Site Domain

Top Laval-Domain (TLD) for example, com, org or net Buy.  

Generally, TLDs divide  into Two types.

1st: Conventional high level spaces (gTLD) - Roughly all areas that are not related with a country. The most known are com, organization and net. All gTLDs fall under ICANN's approaches. 

2nd: Nation code high level areas (ccTLD) - All spaces that are related to a country or geological area, for instance, de, nl or dk. A ccTLD consistently comprises out of two letters.

1.1 Domain Age
Google AdSense Guidelines rules also include that your Blog apply after 6 months and if it is on WordPress and apply for AdSense least above 1 month.

2: Template & Design

Applying for Google AdSense you already have a website all design its layout. The Premium Template use your blog and Template is responsive, mobile-friendly, AdSense Friendly, SEO Friendly, Fast Loading properly.

AdSense Friendly Fastest Template Full Setup 2021 (SEO Friendly)

3: Create Basic Pages For WordPress and Blog

This pages are very important for AdSense approval such as-

(1) Privacy Policy

(2) Terms and Conditions

(3) Disclaimer

(4) About Us

(5) Contact Us

(6) Sitemap (Blog Different Setting and WordPress Different Setting in sitemap )

How To Create A Free Blog Page

4.High-Quality Content and word

you have to write Plagiarism free Frees High-Quality Content, Don’t Use Copyright Image and Content, before Apply AdSense.

You Write Minimum Post 30+ quality contents of 500-700+ words. Also try to Check your Article grammar.

In case Google AdSense Reject Approval then writing 35 quality contents with 700-1000+ words / Post.

4.1 Don’t wright Illegal Content
Avoid the Crime, Hacking, gambling, Drugs, Adult related Post Content Otherwise, your account will be suspended from google.

5: Traffic

Some People Use  bot or paid traffic so very easily tracks Google AdSense when you apply your Blog For Reject your Website, so Avoid Avoid Fake & Bot Traffic.

Example- Organic 50% + Social 25% + Other 25% = 100 (Good)

Example- Organic 25% + Social 50% + Other 25% = 100 (Bad)

What is the meaning of this organic, direct, social traffic Sources?

6. Language

Google AdSense languages Support in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu and Not Support other Indian languages ​​Telugu, Marathi, Kenned, Gujarati, etc.

7. Content Design

The post have proper headings and sub-headings, Minor-Heading Setup. Check your content grammar and spelling mistakes, post Title, Labels, Permalink, Search description proper setup Because Content Is King.


AdSense Approval Shortcut tips In 2021 

1). TLD (Top Laval-Domain)

2). Premium Template

3). important page

4). Minimum At least 25 to 30 posts

5). Write Unique Article

6). Tray to Organic Traffic

How To Get Adsense Approval With A New Blog

This Article all information regarding Google AdSense approval trick 2021, I hope this article is very useful.

If you have any questions from this post, then please comment the box. My given information is 1% useful to you so please share with your friends.


Currently in COVID-19 situation apply for Google AdSense Too Long Time(20 Days) For Approval .

This post is for education pass pass.

AdSense Approval Tips And Trick For Blogger & WordPress In 2021 (Fast Approval)

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