How To Earn Money From Blog / WordPress? How To Make Money (Online)

How To Earn Money From Blog / WordPress? How To Make Money (Online)

Today's post is for our new blogger friends who want to earn money from their website, everyone wants a new blogger, how to increase website popularity and when he should earn something from his blog. So how to Earn Money From Blog / WordPress today? Will tell in How to Make Money (Online) topic.

Blogging Basic Details Explains: 

If you are a new blogger or want to create a website, Trick to earn money from your blog quickly, it is not easy to earn money from blogging, it requires a lot of time, hard work and regularity.

Today many people are earning millions of rupees per month from home by blogging. If you also want to earn money from Blogging, then today we will tell you about blogging step by step in a simple and easy way, by which you too can create your own blog with it. Can make money.
Before making money from blogging - there are some things that you need to know before. So that you do not have to face troubles by stepping forward.

What Is Blog?

We regularly write our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences in a website, then it is called a blog.

How to get money from a blogging?

For Earning, you have to apply for AdSense in Blog, by adding your Bank Account to that AdSense, you will have to give your Bank Account information to AdSense.  AdSense account will be 100 dollars, then AdSense will transfer to your bank account.

Blogger And WordPress which is better?

There are many blog making platforms available but most people use only the best two platforms. You have to decide on which platform I want to make my blog.

1. WordPress : Initially, there is no money to make this platform. It is not possible to buy hosting in this, that the website runs without hosting.

You get some benefit in this, as you get all the options to customize your blog. Apart from this, you do not find much problem in maintaining your blog. You also get more money in this. AdSense does not contain invalid click.

2. Blogger : This platform is totally free. In this, you have to buy only Hosting Port, you only have to buy Domain, you do not buy a domain but you will run but it will have to wait 7 months.
In this, you should not sob something in your eyes, such as invalid click comes in AdSense, you do not have to stop it.

Best Tips For Creating A Blog / WordPress For AdSense :

Below are some tips for creating the following blog / WordPress, which will make it easier for you to get AdSense approval and you will earn by getting AdSense approval.

1. Best niche for blog / WordPress

The first task of creating a blog is your knowledge on the subject on which your blog is made. If you have a good knowledge of that subject, then you can make a blog about that subject, because if anyone asks a question related to that topic, then you will not have any problem in answering.

2. Select  Domain Name

The domain name is free and you can buy it as well, if you want to buy a domain name, always buy from GoDaddy as the best platform for your GoDaddy domain and buy the domain name always with .com. The domain name should be short, simple and easy to remember. Buy a domain with the same name as your blog. Just like my blog name is - Bloggingmath and my domain name is also

3. Hosting

Hosting means where you can save everything on your blog. If you want to buy hosting, then you buy from HostGator itself, its service is good.

4. Theme

Use Premium Template in your Blog / WordPress. This template is Fast Loading, SEO Friendly, AdSense friendly. 

5. Pages 

There will be 5 pages in your blog, otherwise you will not be able to take AdSense Approval and will not be able to earn from your blog. These 5 pages are - About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Term and Condition.

6. Post

Which article will be in your blog / WordPress o SEO Friendly, for this, the word that is in the article is to search for that keyword. For this you can google keyword planner and Ubersuggest use core.

7. Traffic 

Traffic comes in your blog / WordPress, your article dipent up, so your article should be of high quality. Try to brought organic traffic to your blog. To earn money from your blog, it is important that people come to your blog and read the information given in it.

8. Social Link 

Template in your blog / WordPress should have 4-5 social icons - Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Link ding, YouTube etc.

Your blog / WordPress proper compilate, so request for AdSense again like Approval will be going to earn you.

How To Earn Money From Blog / WordPress? (Online)

There is a way to earn Earning from website like - AdSense, E-book, Affiliate Marketing, Sell Your Website, Software and Apps, Sponsored ads, Online Services Etc.

आगोर ए सोब का बारेमे जान ना हे तो इस पोस्ट को ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर कोर के सपोर्ट कीजिये फेर नेक्स्ट पोस्ट में Details Explains करूंगा।

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